Sliema Holiday Lettings

Discover Why These Are The Top Holiday Letting Apartments In Sliema

Seaside Apartments Malta – Sliema 1 Penthouse – 

26 Triq San Karlu Sliema

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Sliema Malta Holiday Rentals
Sliema Penthouse – 2 bedroom with 3 terraces! Sleeps 4 adults + Infant in baby bed
Best Seller with those that enjoy Sun bathing, more open spaces and privacy of own terrace

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Seaside Apartments – Sliema Boutique Apartment –

30, Milner Street Sliema 
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Sliema Malta Holiday Apartment Rentals
Sliema Boutique Apartment – 2 bedroom Sleeps 4 adults + Infant in baby bed
Favourite with Couples, Families and Business people on a budget 100m from Seafront!

Award Winner 2015/ 2016 on


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Here’s Why Our Sliema Holiday Rentals Top the Charts

Enjoying a healthy mix of touristic attractions, a huge variety of quality eateries, Spas and a mushrooming start-up scene, Sliema is bound to attract visitors from all walks of life, continents and backgrounds.

Our properties will enable you to reach anything within walking distance be it a:

  • Spa treatment
  • Lunch
  • Business meeting
  • Afternoon Swim
  • Dinner by the seaside in the cool summer months.

2 steps to tango!

Why pick a Sliema Holiday Rental?

Living or holidaying in Sliema effectively means you’re two steps away from everything, be it an international business opportunity, an industry networking event, a laid back afternoon in a SPA or indulging in the most succulent tomahawk at one of the prominent steakhouses on the archipelago,

Sliema will satisfy all your cravings.


Malta public transport – Sliema Schedule

The bus network is incredibly efficient in this area with bus stops every 150 yards or so and passing

buses every 5-10 minutes. The bus from the airport to Sliema takes approximately 40 minutes.

Which Sliema Holiday Rental? Pick the Sliema Penthouse with 3 terraces for the enjoyment of the outdoor areas and the squarish layout just 3 minutes to the Seafront near Dolce Peccati.

Pick Sliema Boutique Apartment if you are after a cosy colorful apartment one street away from the Seafront with a strong Maltese Charm.

Things to do in Sliema - Enjoy a walk along the promenade

Take a Fun Course in English or Diving

Sliema boasts some of the best English Language Schools on the island. These schools enjoy world wide following and are accredited worldwide. Make the most of your stay in Sliema – take an introductory course or an advanced business English course, you will meet new people while brushing up on your language skills.

Diving courses are plentiful with some of the best tuition to be had at very competitive prices. Malta enjoys world class diving sites with safe waters and fantastic visibility. You can dive virtually all year round and remains one of those activities that once tried, you will probably be hooked for that sense of peace and tranquillity for life!


Sliema hotels or holiday Rentals?

While Sliema boasts some of the most prominent hotel chains on the island, it is also home to some of the best holiday rentals on the island which carry a strong sense of character and a delightful charm.

If you have not stayed in a holiday rental before, we invite you to stay at one of our lovely rentals that boast numerous superb guest reviews, great design and value for money.

While possibly saving a little on your expenses, you will establish a local connection and a Super Host as recently rated by the Airbnb community!

Things to do in Sliema - Enjoy a walk along the promenadeThings to do in Sliema - Enjoy a walk along the promenade

Cab or Taxi ?

Your choice is simple, take a cab! Standard pricing, efficient service, bookable through an app with a team of 200 people ready to assist you, is the market leader on the island.

If you are looking for a taxi from Malta airport to Sliema, will set you back €19 and in return you climb into a clean cab with polite drivers and you even receive a text message as soon as your cab is approaching!

You may prebook a cab from


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