Wine tasting in Malta

Traveltips – Maltese Vineyards and wine tasting

Wine tasting in Malta

Views from the upper terrace  at Meridiana Wine Estate. Thanks to @Mark20mt for the fantastic pictures. Share your photographs with us and be featured here.

In this series of #traveltips, we are exploring some of the unique places on the Maltese Islands which can truly give colour to your stay in Malta and enable you to savour the islands #likealocal. Moreover in each post we shall be featuring a holiday apartment either in Sliema or Mellieha.

Times and circumstances mould who we are, how we view things and how we create opportunities. This is especially true when you look around you while travelling the Maltese islands. Holiday rentals such as Sliema Boutique Apartment enable a closer look and feel of the fabric of Maltese society, enabling you to dwell and live first hand like a local. Let’s take you to a place which forms part of our Maltese DNA, wine making…

Meridiana Wine Estate

Before the Wine estate Source []

Our forefathers are a clear example of how we view the same tract of land at different times and periods of history. What once served as a WWII airfield catering for the safeguarding of the island, turned out to be one of the best producing ‘watering holes’ on this rock.

Ta Qali Airfield

Ta Qali Airfield back in WWII Source []

Located in the central part of the island on one of the most fertile tracts of arable land lies this beautiful vineyard, guarded to the north by the fortified ancient city of Mdina and to the East by the large complex of the US Embassy, both buildings although at different stages in history, happen to pertain to different parties exercising their foreign policy.
The Meridiana Wine Estate bridges tradition with culture and connects us with the earth around us, a link that has endured the test of time and serves as a reminder of the civilisations that for centuries, regarded Malta as a strategic location. Today the estate can be easily traced from the bastions of Towering Mdina and captures our attention as a fairly large tract of arable land in what tends to be a largely popular central residential area.

Dinner at Meridiana Wine Estate

Feasting like kings. Few places on the island can provide the same feeling and ambience as a lunch or dinner over looking the fields in Spring or Summer

Today, the estate also serves as a melting pot for clatter and clapping, cheers and chatter for a number of social events organised here throughout the year reaching its climax in Summer. The history of the estate dates back to 1989 as the product of a successful venture between Bordeaux oenologist Denis Dubourdieu and Mark Miceli-Farrugia, the company’s founder. The French man had convinced the Mr. Miceli-Farrugia that the land and climate was ideal for the production of ‘World Class wines with a Maltese character.’
“The estate’s 91,000 red and white vines were planted in 1994 and 1995 respectively with the first releases of a limited quantity of both wines being released in 1996. Today, thanks also to the vineyards it cultivates outside its estate, Meridiana produces up to 140,000 bottles of premium wines annually, allocated over ten distinguished labels… and keeps a whole lot of Maltese and foreigner wine connoisseurs distinctively, happy.

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Enjoying a glass of wine in the late afternoon of a Summer day. Thanks to Mark20mt for the creative assets. Got photos to Share? Email us and be featured here.

The fine selection of red, white and rose wines will surely give pleasure to most of us who appreciate these wines and their production methodology, a must on your Malta bucket list. As the French like to say, profitez bien because these wines come in limited quantity and take a few back home with you!
While on a recent event we held at their premises, Ms Cefai gave us a fantastic overview of their wine selection and we made our way home with a few bottles of our favourite Nexus Merlot, Celsius Cabernet Sauvignon and a bottle of the acclaimed Isis chardonnay.
The premises can be rented out in full or partially to cater for family parties, lunches and dinners. Few venues and events can recall those childhood moments of dining and lunching in a field surrounded by mature vineyards all around you and blessed with fine wines to savour. While this ancient drink may not be everybody’s favourite, a visit to the vineyard will be an enriching experience which may also change the way you view wine and who knows, may also alter the palate of your drinking habits!


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Featured Apartment for your stay – Sliema Boutique Apartment

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Sliema Boutique Apartment

Featured Apartment – Sliema Boutique Apartment

You may book a tour by contacting Meridiana here