Hey, I have a ? Holiday Lettings Frequently asked questions

“I have a question…Tengo una prejunta, J’ai une question, Ho una domanda…” a phrase we hear daily. The nature of travel per se brings with it a barage of questions of all flavours, accents, colours and sizes just like the pencils below. As travellers we come from different backgrounds, expectations, walks of life, financial means, geographic origin, specific regions, you name it, we are different! So let’s take a shot at some of the most common ones we get.

source: openphoto.netSarah Klockars-Clauser

source: openphoto.netSarah Klockars-Clauser

“Questions, that’s the first thing that springs to mind when we get in the holiday mode, a TON of excitement and then again some more questions….”

Who is there?

While communication has definitely gone a long way in the last decade, not all travellers are making use of the advantages offered by web driven tools. Take whatsapp or viber, both excellent communication tools for travellers that enable you to get in contact with your host before arrival and giving that sense of security, use it:)

When we initially switch to Holiday rentals, we may have some more questions in the beginning until we understand we are in better hands.

Boats in harbour

Miroslav Vajdić: www.openphoto.net

So what do you get?

We try to make the process as simple as possible with informative articles before your arrival so you know better where you are heading, who shall be meeting you as well as agree on a prearranged check-in time. Unlike our larger mainstream counterparts, holiday rentals tend to be more personalised, host-centric and guest-centric experiences with properties located in different areas of the country some nestled in a quiet road or alley or overlooking some spectacular views without the traditional receptionist at the door.

What to pack?

The properties are well equipped and we’ve done gone an extra mile to make sure you find most essentials. You will get a bath towel each as well as linen so you can travel lightly.  You may need to pack a beach towel with you or just buy one here on the way to the beach. It’s beach life so those small things are easy to come by. There is a hair dryer in each property as well as iron board. If you require specific equipment I suggest you ask about it or pack one with you. Remember to print your tickets before you come.


We strongly suggest you book on our website directly. You can view all availability in real time from your phone or tablet/pc. This ensures all details are entered correctly while also enabling secure processing of your Credit Card details.

Payments: You may use your credit card, cash or online bank transfer. If you wish to save money on currency conversion and transfers, we suggest you use Transferwise.com, we’ve had many happy guests using it to pay with. Inquire about it. After you’ve booked, you will also receive a detailed neighborhood guide in digital format which we have gone over and over after collecting valuable guest feedback. This you will be able to take with you anywhere.

Pre Arrival 

The day before your arrival, you will receive a text message so as to confirm your arrival time just in case that odd plane has been rescheduled or something cropped up. Each property is in a different location so check-ins require a pre-arranged time. We shall also meet you for check out, we value our relationships with our guests.

PapaRamPam … On arrival

We shall greet you at the property with some light complimentary refreshments. If you need anything specific please let us know before hand, we may arrange it free of charge or at a fee. Please note check-ins are normally till 22:00. We can arrange late night check-ins anytime at a small fee.

Should there be any delays, please notify us as soon as possible so we can plan ahead, other guests may be waiting for check-in as well and delays upset everyone.

During your stay

We shall send you some information about noticeable events that maybe going on in the period of your stay as well as some information on places of interest and how to get there.

Yacht rental

Definitely, the best way to tour the Maltese islands in a fun, exciting and comfortable manner. Experience the magic of sailing past the 500 year old bastions and sea battered coastline which has been home to friends and foe alike and a crossroad to civilisations… Berthed just in front of the Casino the Venezia and nestled between the bastions and fort St. Angelo, the location will set the right mood for the day ahead. Our experienced skipper shall take good care of you through out your stay. Inquire about Yacht Rental

Book yacht rental Malta

Create your very own experience at sea, let us take care of organising it for you.


Every trip comes to an end making us look forward to a new adventure. Me or one of our team members shall meet you before your departure from the property as well. From feedback we receive, we believe this creates a better community of travellers within the holiday rental space… See you in Malta shortly!