Young lady posing in Valletta

Exploring the Capital of Culture across Sliema Creek

Many guests ask us for tips when visiting the island, where to go first, what to see next, what’s on tonight… Well here’s what to do when you feel like travelling 10-15 minutes away by bus from Sliema, take an afternoon trip to Valletta!

On this little densely populated archipelago of the Maltese islands lies a city whose reputation has travelled far and wide for many centuries. Mentioned in many papal letters, described in detail by travellers the world over, noted by famous poets like Lord Byron and numerous international in flight magazines, this city tops the charts and punches above its weight.

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Known amongst many as the jewel in the crown of the Knights of the order of St. John, Valletta is an eternal city whose legacy, history and architecture has been fossilised in the popular imagination through the numerous pictures and paintings for which it poses elegantly. Today over 134,000 posts are tagged to #valletta on instagram. We have decided to build on this momentum by featuring some great photography we came across.

If you’re heading to Valletta from our apartments in Sliema, you need to cross over to the opposite side across Sliema Creek. If you’re staying at Sliema Boutique Apartment take the bus from Chalet bus stop towards Valletta. If you’re staying at Sliema Penthouse with 3 terraces take the bus stop from bus stop ‘Bus stop Antik‘ near Vecchia Napoli pizzeria towards Valletta.


From beautifully designed front door gates seen on @reisen_lieben_leben instagram profile to colorful wooden balconies hanging above the narrow streets, the bold Manuel Theatre (beautifully captured by @martazzo )

martzzoto the historic straight street where many a sailor spent their evenings, Valletta still carries its charm in an ageless fashion. The vibrant colours of the city together with visitors posing at every corner instantly reminds us that this is an open air museum and a city of the people. thanks to @jess_mulder for the picture!

Young lady posing in Valletta

Valletta reigned as an administrative centre for most of the 21st century. In recent years Valletta quickly grew to be one of the most popular travelling spots accentuated further by the upcoming events of Valletta capital of culture 2018. Being just a 10 minute bus ride from Sliema, a visit there makes sure that you will immerse yourself in this historically pregnant city.

Did you know?

There is no airport in Valletta! Where would you fit one? Although many tourists seem to think they are landing in Valletta, Malta’s airport lies in Luqa, a 15 min drive from Valletta and 15 mins from our native Sliema.

Valletta like almost everywhere else in Malta is very densely populated. Embellished with a grid like network of narrow straight streets leading to the sea at one end and crossing the entire city, they evoke a sense of order and planning synonymous with its founders. Remember, commuting by car in Valletta is restricted and fees apply during the week.

Things to do in Valletta

One can’t think well if he has not eaten well… so start with a good lunch at Trattoria da Pippo Valletta, a favourite tavern like restaurant with many locals as well as foreigners alike. It has hosted most local and foreign personalities at some point or another including Angelina Jolie during their recent movie, By the Sea. our favourite is ravioli with lobster as well as Spaghetti with Maltese sausage and tomato sauce accompanied by a good glass of white wine. Try Isis Chardonnay pictured below by @akane1021enaka for a local white wine or Nexus Merlot if you prefer red @randomizedtrialoflife

Isis Chardonnay

Isis Chardonnay

Nexus Merlot of Malta

Nexus Merlot of Malta

Head to the Upper Barrakka Gardens to watch the mid day salute. It looks stunning if you happen to be on one of the cruise liners making its way in or out of the majestic natural harbour.

Watch them go off as the sounds echo through out the harbour

Upper barrakka gardens Valletta saluting battery

Saluting battery in Upper Barrakka gardens in Valletta beautifully captured by @betta_casella

Enjoy the beautiful architecture while taking a stroll here. For a better picture from the Upper Barrakka Gardens view our home page which features this stunning view Home Page features Upper Barrakka view

Upper Barrakka gardens

Now let’s head to the National Museum of Fine Arts – View on google maps located at the lower end of South Street within an area known for other fine historical palaces dating back to the time of the Order of St John of Jerusalem.

This museum boasts some amazing works of Art and it should come as no surprise nestled within the walls of the future Capital of Culture 2018! Quoting the museum

Reasons to Visit

  1. The largest collection of works by the renowned Southern Italian artist Mattia Preti (1613-1699) on display in any public museum.
  2. The best selection of Baroque art masterpieces on the island.
  3. On display, the only watercolour by Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) featuring Malta’s Grand Harbour and unique Malta views and landscapes.
  4. One of the most important eighteenth-century High Baroque staircases on the island.

museum of fine arts

In between head to Amorino’s in Republic street Sliema for a short refreshing break and a delicious ice cream!

daryna_s amorinoWalking down Republic street head to the Palace square. You cannot fail to notice the beautiful architecture surrounding the palace. This lovely picture was taken by @basiek


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things to do in Valletta - Boat ride

Things to do in Valletta – Boat ride

You can’t miss a tour around the harbour with these little Maltese boats and don’t forget to snap a couple of pictures as well…

There it is, Valletta all lit up as seen by @smkalice

things to do in Valletta

The harbour as seen from Upper Barrakka Gardens

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See you in Malta.

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