cycling on the Cliffs in Malta

Cycling in Malta

Hello friends,

As part of our monthly trips, this month our team at Seaside Apartments Malta wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather and mild temperatures to venture out in the open… Yes – the island is small but there’s still room for outdoor fun. [watch the video at the end of this post for more]

Hold on tight, this month we are about to show you another side of the Maltese islands, the northern face of the southernmost tip of Europe! Oh yeah! This is the shallowest side of Malta where the land peacefully rides into the seas while cliffs tower over small secluded beaches. Ride with me! If you enjoy it, tell us where to go next and we will…:)

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cycling at golden bay


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Stunning view of Riviera bay adjacent to Golden Bay! A little tricky to ride on the bike but perfect activity for all ages. If I can do it at almost 70 years of age, so can you! Ride on!

St Agatha tower in Mellieha


Just 15 minutes from our Mellieha bay apartment, lies the northern tip of Mellieha bay near St Agatha Tower. This is a lovely walk or ride from the apartments. Although the road is a little bumpy as everywhere else on the island, it will surely calm you down…:)

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View from cliff side in Mellieha

View from the perched cliff tops on the west side of Mellieha bay leading to ‘l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha’ a popular tracking and camping site

I kept cycling along the cliffs till I got to this amazing inlet where the seas have come to rest, and so did I. Time to enjoy a local speciality – Hobz biz-zejt – traditional bread with tuna, olives, tomatoes and a drizzle of virgin oil…. If you’re after a quick snack and a lot of carbs, either this or pastizzi will load you up. There is a pastizzeria in Mellieha right before you start your descent towards the main village square.

toasted Hobz biz zejt

traditional Hobz biz zejt this time toasted to perfection with a drizzle of olive oil image thanks to Adventurous kate blog

By now I’ve cycled along the entire northern coastline from Mellieha to Golden bay and I am slowly making my way back after the breath taking views I enjoyed today! Did you enjoy the ride?

Clay hill top near golden bay

View from the clay hill tops adjacent to Golden bay – find it on google maps click here

By now it’s tea time and I stop by the little cafeteria in Mellieha not far from the Mellieha valley view apartment with side seaviews. I’m all for the hot chocolate being prepared for the customer near me so I make them double! As you see Malta is not just beaches and crazy driving, there is a little adventure to it as well.

Amazing view from Mellieha village towards 'l-ahrax tal- Mellieha' and Gozo in the distance

Walk from the Valley view apartment to this cafeteria right beneath the towering church for your breakfast and enjoy the idyllic views

Next time I shall take you fishing with my nephew…

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Watch this video filmed by a bike enthusiast in Malta, gives you a better idea of what you can do on two wheels over here