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Malta’s small size and village roads network make it largely simple to drive. Low driving speeds facilitates the experience of driving in Malta and makes it relatively straight forward.

There are no motorways to deal with or heavy rains so you shall be driving in 95% sunshine! That gives you plenty of opportunity to roam around the sun drenched island snapping photographs and easily changing plans. More over some of the best beaches lie off the beaten path and easily accessible by car.

Parking tends to be largely free of charge on public roads and residential neighbourhoods.

If you happen to be from the UK, then driving in Malta will come second to nature as driving in Malta is on the left hand side. If you’re staying in and around Sliema area, we suggest taking a small or medium sized car, they’re easier to park in the busy areas.

On the other hand if you’re staying in Mellieha, renting a larger car would suit a family better especially if you plan to carry your children’s items and visit various beaches. A car will also come in handy when visiting Gozo, Malta’s sister island north of Mellieha.

If you’re bringing your own Satellite Navigation System, make sure you have updated it with the most recent software version.

You will find the car keys in an envelope in the arrivals area, box number 39 together with a copy of the car rental agreement. The vehicle will be parked in the airport parking 5A, B, C or D.

Take your pick and choose the car that best suits your needs, remember to insert your Discount Coupon Code today!

Terms and Conditions Apply and visible at time of booking.




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