Sunday morning – Things to do on a Sunday morning in Malta

travel tips marsaxlokk view

Sunday is always a good day but when you’re in Malta, Sunday is Awesome! This month we seek to explore a couple of activities you can do especially on a Sunday.

1) Our top pick in things to do on a Sunday morning in Malta features a visit to the quaint fishing village of Marsaxlokk, a colourful melange of stalls and vibrant bunch of fish mongers and hawkers displaying their best catch on aluminium and steel plate contraptions along the coast line of this picture perfect traditional village.

Marsaxlokk fishing Trawler Malta

Nets out – the fishing trawlers berthed at Marsaxlokk

On the other side of the street, the crowd indulges in all sorts of Maltese delicatessen from fried calamari and Cisk Beer to grilled Maltese sausage and wine. The Maltese still consider Sunday a special day, their day – and they show this by riding the best Sunday car and sporting their best outfits – I know I know – it’s a Mediterranean thing that other nationalities may find ridiculous but it’s part of the experience, sit back and enjoy.

fish display at marsaxlokk

Another interesting fact especially if you’re a British national is the number of yellow registration plates you see on Maltese roads, you may be carried away to think you’re still in the UK… that’s because most second hand upmarket cars are purchased in the UK and flaunted here. Looks aside, let’s speak food coz i’m getting hungry by now…
Our favourite dining spot is Tartarun – it may scrape the top end of your wallet and leave you with a few pennies for change but will also leave your taste buds sizzling and dazzled… Tip: eating here is around €50 per person but it will be the best way to spend that orange piece of paper you got in your pockets not to mention that view, oh man!

Marsaxlokk landscape

2) If you’re the sportier type, Sunday is the perfect day for a bike ride – whether you ride a motor bike or you cycle, Sunday has your name on its wheels. Make sure you have an adequate bell or horn – you will need it. The concentration of people on the road is phenomenal on Sundays considering the island enjoys very densely populated villages as well as a healthy dose of in bound tourists and expats from all over the globe.

ebike tour in Malta

Ebike Tour in Malta – Limits of Dwejra, Mgarr – this lady is having the time of her life in the Maltese country side

Dwejra Maltese country side road

Not exactly Wiltshire but this is a lovely narrow passage way on the way to Mgarr Malta through Dwejra just off Mosta

Our favourite ride leaves Ta’ Qali air field near the US Embassy or Meridiana Vine Yard (featured in another blog post) taking you through the suburbs of villages like Mosta, Mgarr (the traditional rabbit eateries village) down to Golden bay.

Bikes laying on the ground at Mgiebah bay Malta

View over Mgiebah Bay Malta after 19km ride uphill and downhill – you can book a bike tour on our website as well 🙂

Cycling from Mgarr to Golden Bay you can pick up some serious speed and is virtually 3 km of down hill. We’ve managed 67km/h over here and that was a great way to wake us up on Sunday. From then on it’s a 2km uphill ride to Mellieha village and cycle around the village outskirts towards Selmun where you will then descend to Mgiebah Bay. This ride is around 1hr 20mins and will ascend and descend along the hills and slopes of the most picturesque parts of the island – Fantastic experience by any measure! The best way to experience it is through one of our bike rides which you can book online.

3) If cycling gets your heart pounding, then take a stroll in Mdina – Last time we were there in May we enjoyed the Mdina Medieval Festival and were treated to a number of unique activities of days gone by. From archery practice with long bows to medieval wood working and honey making.

Knights of Malta at Medieval Mdina

Things to do on a Sunday – Medieval Mdina. Here we enjoyed watching chain mail being hand made by this Maltese knight

Maltese Imqaret

Mqaret – Date filled pastries fried on a typical medieval open fire at Medieval Mdina – Fantastic!

4) Whilst speaking of these delicious sweets, why not explore a fantastic lunch at Baja beach in Mellieha on the way to the Gozo Ferry? This restaurant enjoys a private beach club with a well run restaurant ideal for late lunches in summer by the seaside sipping a Spritz and enjoying some local grouper fillets. You can’t beat that feeling and you may easily be carried away to think you’re in Greece at this stage!

Baya beach club lunch

Well we hope you enjoyed what we had to share with you – these few tips and things to do in Malta on a Sunday should keep you happily busy. Sunday remains one of the best days to be out in the Maltese islands so get out of bed early, cycle, stroll, wine and dine – make the most of your time on the Maltese islands. The magical will only last a short while.

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